What apps do I develop?

I am mainly developing Android and IOS apps. Every app has its own unique theme and I am always up for a new challenge!

Geo-Location Application development service.

Geo-Location Apps

Applications that track the device's location and transmit this data to a server. Mainly - courier assitance, race tracking, fitness trackers. Or tracking just about any device.

Bluetooth mobile application development service.

Bluetooth Apps

Remote control and data transfer from and to various Bluetooth/BLE devices. From Beacon scanning, through panic buttons, to medical equipment.

IoT mobile application development service.

IoT Apps

Most smart home devices can be controlled from your smartphone through the Internet.

Utility mobile application development service.

Utility Apps

Applications that help you manage and maintain your device and its health. For example: Custom Android launchers, Parental control apps, Kiosk, and so on.

Utility mobile application development service.

On Demand Apps

Those apps connect the customer with a service provider - food delivery, real estate, online shopping, and many more.

Multimedia mobile application development service.

Multimedia Apps

Applications that include a video/audio player or a video call, depending on the client's needs.

Race mobile application development service.

Race Apps

Applications that are used by the participants of various events and races. Organizers can show real-time data to all of the users (routes, updates, changes in the race), and optionally they can even track the position of every contestant.s

AR-VR mobile application development service.

AR-VR Apps

Applications that use Augmented or Virtual Reality for the purposes of the clients.

Types of services

Android mobile application development service with Java and Kotlin.

Android application development

Development of Android applications using Java and Kotlin.

Ios mobile application development service with Swift.

iOS application development

Development of iOS applications using Swift 5.

Hybrid mobile application development service with Flutter and Dart.

Hybrid application development

Development of cross-platform applications for Android and iOS from a single codebase using the Flutter framework and Dart.

More about hybrid mobile application development

Embedded firmware development service.

Embedded firmware development

Developing software for microcontrollers using C/C++.

Embedded firmware development service.

Hardware development

Design of hardware controllers and PCB using Altium Designer.

Delphi application development service.

Desktop software development

Developing desktop software for Windows, Mac and Linux using RAD Studio.